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The Brain Operation Database v3.0


The Brain Operation Database (BODB) is part of the University of Southern California Brain Project (USCBP) and has been designed and implemented by many people under the leadership of Michael A. Arbib. Mihail Bota designed the related NeuroHomology Database (NHDB). Salvador Marmol designed ARDB (the Action Recognition Database), the precursor of BODB, and Rishabh Tandon updated it and released ARDB version 2.0. The name BODB was chosen to replace ARDB to better indicate the wide applicability of the system’s functionalities. We also appreciate the generosity of Peter Fox and Jack Lancaster from the Research Imaging Center, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, for making available the brain templates and database of regional Talairach coordinates from their Talairach Demon which was developed as part of BrainMap an online database of published functional neuroimaging experiments with coordinate-based (Talairach) activation locations. Anon Plangprasopchok took the lead in implementing version 2.0 of BODB while Nantana Tinroongroj developed the first version of the Talairach Demon now integrated with BODB. Implementation of version 3.0 of BODB was primarily the work of James Bonaiuto.

Development and support of this Website is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 0924674 and BCS-1343544, “INSPIRE Track 1: Action, Vision and Language, and their Brain Mechanisms in Evolutionary Relationship,” (Michael A. Arbib, Principal Investigator).
Neuroinformatics Architect and Software Engineer: James Bonaiuto
Programmer (2014-2016): Michael Winter
Scientific Coordinator: Michael Arbib

For more information, please see the BODB Manual.